Success from tradition – in every competition!

A convincing performance strategy.

Successes in the realm of motor sports are just as much a part of the AMG brand as its Affalterbach location. And no wonder – because the fascination for automotive competitions was its main focus from the very founding days of the enterprise. From the early 1970s AMG has actively, and successfully, intervened in motor sports events all around the world, and consistently shown its competitors its tail lights.

The three letters AMG are a synonym for top performance in sports. Since the 2012 season, the Performance Brand has further consolidated this claim with its presence in Formula One.

In combination with Mercedes-Benz's Formula One commitment and under the designation MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team a new successful partnership has thus been sealed. Already in the third race Nico Rosberg was the first to cross the finish line, marking the first victory of a Silver Arrow since 1955 – after 55 years in which no pure-bred factory-built Silver Arrow was present in Formula One racing.

For AMG, though, Formula One is not uncharted territory. Since 1996 Mercedes-AMG has provided the car which all the drivers have to follow in the event of a mishap or accident: the Safety Car. At present a Mercedes-AMG GT is in operation.

AMG is the driving force in touring-car sports. With its entry in touring car sports in 1986, a time full of successes and serial victories began for AMG.

As early as 1988, right at the start of this successful period, a cooperation agreement for the field of motor sports was signed with Mercedes-Benz. With over 160 racing victories, 10 driver and 15 builders' titles, AMG is the most successful team in the history of DTM.

The wealth of motor sports know-how that AMG has accrued in the course of its decades of existence is successfully shared with ambitious customers.

Since 2011 the SLS AMG GT3 has been available and is used by customer sports teams all over the world. The racing version of the gullwing car fascinates with its spectacular design and pure-bred motor sports technology. And this technological superiority is plainly demonstrated to this day, for renowned customer sports teams win numerous victories in sprint and long-distance races all around the world.